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You’ve worked hard to secure your plot, agree your designs, sort out the finances and now is the time to extend that project manager’s role even further.  You need to start the actual building or refurbishment work.  It is all too easy to overlook some of the smaller elements of any build, but whether it’s a bespoke handmade kitchen or bathroom, neither will fulfil your requirements if not installed correctly.   This doesn’t just mean making sure that the tiles are level or that the bath fits, it is the sealants and adhesives around the tiles, shelves and cupboards that will ultimately play a key part in ensuring the durability and success of what are probably the two most important rooms in your new home; the kitchen and the bathroom.  Both these rooms are going to be key to your future enjoyment and getting them fitted right the first time, is of paramount importance.

The GRAFT range of Premium all-purpose sealants, adhesives and fillers was developed by Polyseam, one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of first class brands for the majority of the world’s leading suppliers. GRAFT, designed for the professional and the DIY exponent, provides quality products to easily and effectively complete the widest range of tasks.


The GRAFT® IPT® Sealant is the first product in the range and uses a new Inert Polymer Technology that enables the sealant to compete with and outperform conventional silicones, MSP’s, butyl and acrylic based products. The GRAFT® IPT® sealant can perform around 20 different applications and was awarded the Totally DIY Product of the Year Silver Award 2014 and 2015 and Phil Spencer Best Buy 2015. It is recognised as one of the most versatile sealants currently available.

So if you want to be sure that your hard work is not going to be compromised and to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are going to be tough enough to withstand the robust wear and tear of family life then look no further than the GRAFT® range.


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