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As property restoration experts with more than three decades of experience in complex damage mitigation and restoration, our transparent service demonstrates a clear understanding of structural and atmospheric behaviour aligned to pre-existing and regulatory property conditions.

“With a greater emphasis on the decarbonisation and net zero journey’s ahead of us, there is an opportunity to acknowledge retrofit and construction improvements aimed at achieving defined targets, are being met and individual impact assessments are established”, said David Bly, Director at Cornerstone Professional Services, owners of the Property MOT® framework. As an innovative forward-thinking company, Cornerstone have embraced state of the art technology and IoT monitoring equipment to develop and supply unique reporting protocols aimed at delivering credible data aligned to certifying Structural and Atmospheric health in a uniform manner.

The single-source solution is aimed at property developers, housing associations, local authorities, chartered surveyors and homeowners seeking best-practice and SMART knowledge with an embedded thorough sequential approach and resultant intelligent advice.

Having appointed a Cornerstone surveyor to undertake an assessment, clients are confident of the continued pursuit of excellence in reporting standards for their specific property management criteria.

The independent expert witness approach provides fact-based solutions with feedback data exceeding the demand for excellence in measuring structural and atmospheric performance. The process serves to ‘certify’ the condition of a structure and/or installation aspect and, embraces a unique air permeability test of the structure to align all ventilation requirements.

Where anomalies are recorded, SMART Knowledge is available for cost-effective resolutions upholding Regulatory compliance but moreover, measuring and recording the ‘impact’ of an intended improvement.

Certifying improvements can align to PAS 2035 Retrofits with independent performance assessments of the necessary journey. And, is also an acknowledgement that decarbonisation and net-zero targets are placing a greater emphasis on the performance of a dwelling in particular such that, defined improvements in their integrity can be measured for achieving designated targets whilst upholding ‘impact’ consequences.

A SMART Surveying Technical Paper is available describing the framework process in greater detail.

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