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Triton is proud to be known as ‘The UK’s Shower Company,’ having produced expertly engineered, innovative shower designs since 1975. Triton have been at the forefront of providing customers with energy-efficient showering for over 45 years.

Triton’s showers are expertly designed and rigorously tested to provide a reliable, enjoyable product that works perfectly every time.

Triton has recently launched its new, next generation showering solution, the ENVi®️ Electric Shower.

The ENVi®️ experience offers intuitive control on a full colour digital display, with the option to create up to 6 individual showering profiles.

As well as a shower timer function, ENVi®️ also provides an eco-button and unique user feedback on water, energy and cost per individual shower use.

With rising living costs and increasing demand for natural resources, every drop really does make a difference when selecting energy-efficient water heating appliances for the home.

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